Play Mat Toys Organizer

  • Kids love to play specially building blocks. But when it is time to clean up, picking up all the pieces specially the small ones can really drive you crazy. And as parents, life can be really busy . Get this Play Mat Toys Organizer and stop the mess now!

    * Multi Purpose. It is a play mat and storage bag in one. It will keep your kids on electronic gadgets and will not borrow your cellphone again! It can work as picnic mat too.

    * Portable. Easy to bring. Keep your Play Mat Toy Organizer ready and take it with you anywhere and everywhere during your trip In the beach, park , or in another friends house - anywhere a bit of peace and quiet is needed

    * Convenient and Easy to Use. Just open it when your children are going to play with their toys. When they are done, with a quick pull of the drawstrings, you can easily pull it into a portable bag with shoulder straps keeping the toys organized. Your home will be clutter-free. The nylon fabric makes it easy to clean even after a trip to the beach.

    * Durable. Made of high quality nylon material with size of 140cm diameter. Durable nylon cord and cord lock provide an easy opening and closing system.