Falsie Fibre Duo Mascara Set

  • Smudge-proof Falsie Fibre Duo Mascara Set!

    Unique transplanting formula and brush-on lash extensions with a 300% increase in length and thickness.

    Our two-piece set uses All Natural Green Tea Fibers to extend and lengthen your lashes.

    Amazing Extreme Collagen Transplanting Gel.

    No more false eyelashes or expensive lash extensions!

    It washes off easily with lukewarm water or makeup remover!

    Usage Directions:

    1. Apply your own regular mascara and let it dry (optional, recommended for more volume)

    2. Apply the transplanting gel generously onto the tips of lashes

    3. While it is still wet, apply the fibres onto the tips of lashes

    4. Apply the transplanting gel again to secure the fibres in place

    5. Repeat steps 2-4 until the desired length is achieved

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