Ceramic Straightener Brush *Premium*

  • Straightened hair, in under 10 minutes
    Perfect for Thick & Curly Hair

    Our Ceramic Straightener Brush helps you fix your hair up to 3X faster. The rubber capsules at the end of each bristle keep heat away from your skin and scalp. The heated ceramic plate works with the bristles to quickly straighten your hair in under 10 minutes!

    How To Information

    Q: What temperature should I use my brush at?

    A: We recommend using the brush at the maximum temperature of 230 Degrees to ensure perfectly straightened hair. You may select a lower temperature at 170 Degrees if you wish!

    Q: Should I use my brush on wet or damp hair?

    A: We recommend only using the brush on DRY hair!

    Q: How slowly should I brush to ensure maximum effects?

    A: Move just as slowly through your hair as you would when using a regular straightener. It is essential to brush slowly to ensure the heated ceramic surface works perfectly. 

    Q: What is the best way to use the brush?

    A: We recommend sectioning your hair into smaller strands and slowly moving through each section, one at a time. Ensure that each section is pressed firmly onto the heated ceramic base!

    Product Information

    Q: Will this work on curly, thick and/or frizzy hair?

    A: YES! We have personally used our hairbrush straightener on all types of hair, and yes it has worked well every time!

    Q: How hot does the brush heat up to?

    A: You can select your own temperature, ranging from 170 to 230 Degrees. 

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