DADROO™ - Hoodie

Get your DadRoo™ Kangaroo-Replica Pouch Daddy Hoodie today! Bond with your babies from the start intimately! Keep them close and in body contact with you. First seen in the USA!


On its own, it's a sporty Hoodie. Slide baby into the cozy pouch, and it's a new dad's easiest way to bond with baby. 


Get one for your baby-date or bro-hangouts with your buddies!


  • 66% polyester / 32% rayon / 2% spandex
  • Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns. No wrapping, adjusting, or tying -- just slip baby in the pouch.
  • Dads can enjoy their newborns and take babies on adventures right from the start!
  • Sporty v-neck design with slim fit and short sleeves. Our premium fabric is custom milled to be soft, secure and wrinkle free.
  • Breathable mesh panel encourages bonding with baby and the adjustable head support/pouch extender grows with baby.

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