DADROO™ - Everyday Tee

Get your DadRoo™ Kangaroo-Replica Pouch Daddy T-Shirts today! Bond with your babies from the start intimately! Keep them close and in body contact with you. First seen in the USA!


On its own, it's a sporty V-neck t-shirt. Slide baby into the cozy pouch, and it's a new dad's easiest way to bond with baby. 


Get one for your baby-date or bro-hangouts with your buddies!



  • 66% polyester / 32% rayon / 2% spandex
  • Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns. No wrapping, adjusting, or tying -- just slip baby in the pouch.
  • Dads can enjoy their newborns and take babies on adventures right from the start!
  • Sporty v-neck design with slim fit and short sleeves. Our premium fabric is custom milled to be soft, secure and wrinkle free.
  • Breathable mesh panel encourages bonding with baby and the adjustable head support/pouch extender grows with baby.

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