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Ladies, we are mostly (if not all!) guilty of blasting heat at our hair daily, be it from heat styling or blow drying. For the more adventurous, we bleach and color our hair way too much. And then we complain our mane looks miserably lifeless and frizzy with split-ends.

Is it too much to ask for Oscar-worthy hair without subjecting our hair to heat damage? How can we have fun experimenting with different styles and have our hair looking healthy at the same time? The obvious solution is regular salon treatments but this is not economically sustainable, not to mention time-consuming.


At Trendy & Tested, we were introduced to a revolutionary cold conditioning hair treatment iron that promises to rejuvenate hair with cold fusion technology. This is not your regular flat iron which uses heat to straighten hair. This is an intensive conditioning iron which glows with infrared light (not heat!) to deeply heal damaged hair.

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We have also seen some professional salons using similar infrared tools to boost the efficacy of hair treatments on their clients of all hair types. We tested the InfraRED Conditioning Iron on ourselves and were amazed at the results! True to its promise, the iron is not hot to touch. You will hear a slight hissing sound when running the iron through your hair – that’s the magic of infrared and ultrasound working hard to push the goodness of conditioning treatments deep into your hair follicles.


No direct heat is ever applied to the hair. Instead, infrared light “heats” your hair from the inside out, and locks moisture in by stimulating negative ions to draw oils found inside hair shafts to the surface. When oils are on the hair surface, they trap water molecules within which keep your hair hydrated and shiny. Infrared light also stimulates natural hair proteins to form new amino acids. With regular use, your hair will become healthier, shinier and less frizzy. Now, what sorcery is this?


We see best results when the InfraRED Conditioning Iron is used together with salon-grade conditioning products but regular leave-in conditioners and hair treatment oils work wonders too! Simply put, this is a treatment enhancer for amplifying the conditioning effects of any treatment product you use. In the short term, your hair will be smoother, shinier and more lively while in the long run, become less brittle and better conditioned.

The only downside is that if you're not using a leave-in product, you will then have to re-rinse your hair after using the tool before styling as normal. But if this replaces the need for smoothing your strands with a potentially dehydrating hot iron, it balances out – for the better.     


Let’s be real here. I’m not giving up my heat styling tools any time soon, so this is a good solution to fight back the frizz caused by regular heat styling. This tool is definitely a keeper in our hair regimes! All ready to embrace the #naturalhairmovement

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