July 20, 2018 1 min read

Beaching With My Beach Bag

Hello hello!!

I was able to go on a family trip to California a couple of weeks ago! You guys, I had the time of my life! If I was to speak for my husband and girls I think they did too! We went to Disneyland, Santa Monica Pier Beach, an Angels vs. Dodgers game, and spend time with family. This trip was planned a day in advance and maybe that’s why it went smoothly! We did stop in Vegas and that’s always a good tome! Took the kids to circus circus where we stayed and they played. 


Let’s talk about my beach bag! This Light Tote is squishy made out of foam. It’s water proof and has a build it wallet! I got these Light Tote in white but there are also black and pink colors to choose from.

Check out @trendy.and.tested they have the cutest bag selection! 

The Light Tote: www.trendyandtested.com/products/the-light-tote

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